Blogging for Nature: From Blockhead to Bloghead

Date: 19 October 2007 (Friday)
Venue: NIE Computer Lab
Collaborators: NIE Green Club & Naked Hermit Crabs
Participants: Zero experience bloggers
Facilitator: November Tan
Guest Speakers: Ria Tan
Website: http://nhcworkshops.blogspot.com/

As the 2nd in the series of Blogging for Nature workshops held in 2007, "From Blockhead to Bloghead" is targeted at participants with no experience in blogging or even for the IT illiterate. However, having knowledge in how to turn on the computer is preferred!

Targeted at those unfamiliar with the blogging platform and its versatility, the workshop begins with an introduction on how the workshop is as good as a conventional Web 1.0 website and better! Furthermore, the importance of content specific blogs, in this case, nature blogs, is highlighted to the audience of nature lovers and volunteers. The harnessing and convenience of this new media tool in outreach to a greater audience is also emphasized.

The workshop is designed such that the student to teacher ratio is 1:1 and at the most 2:1. Tutors are recruited from the previous workshop for experienced tutors as well as trainee teachers from the NIE Green Club who is the keen collaborator for this workshop.

Participants are allocated a computer workstation each and have the opportunity to create and experience the process first hand, on the spot.

After the preliminary introduction to creating a blog, the participants are then engaged in a classroom activity of creating a group blog together. A group blog is one that has multiple contributor, suitable for nature groups or groups of friends with similar interests to come together to share content with one another and the world. A NHC Workshop blog was created on the spot and each participant is asked to write a bit about themselves as an introductory post. Of course the creativity of our participants are boundless and we were excited at their exploration and participation.

The objective of the workshop is for all participants to continue with a blog after the workshop and we are happy to report many new and exciting nature blogs that sprung up after the workshop. These include:
  1. Mad about Moths
  2. Cyber Dino
  3. Flying Fish Friends
  4. Liquid Image
A follow up workshop is definitely recommended.

Read more about the workshop in the report by July from NIE Green Club.

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