The Easy (Not Hard) Cnidarians Workshop

Compiled Feedback from Workshop Participants

This is the 2nd in a series of upcoming monthly workshops by The Leafmonkey Workshop for existing nature guides and those interested in becoming nature guides. Each workshop is focused on a particular family of organism.

Date: 5 Dec 2008, Friday
Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Civil Service College [Map]
31 North Buona Vista Road Singapore 275983

7.00pm - Registration, Movie Screening, Bring your own Dinner!
7.30pm - 30 minutes of background content on "easy cnidarians"
8.00pm - Workshop discussion and group presentations.
10.00pm - End of workshop

Ria Tan, WildSingapore

These "not hard" cnidarians include anemones, soft corals and other non-hard corals. This workshop is for existing guides and those interested in becoming nature guides to learn how to effectively share stories and information about cnidarians.

The focus of this workshop is on connecting ordinary people with nature. If you have been struggling, trying to digest and convert biological facts to fun stories for your visitors, this workshop is for you!

This workshop aims to bring experienced and new guides together to brainstorm ideas. Let's learn from one another, and come up with new ways to share our passion.

Be prepared to work hard, have fun, make new friends and definitely learn new ways of looking at guiding and our wild places.

This workshop is likely to be more useful for those who have already started guiding and who have some basic knowledge of cnidarians. The workshop is not intended to replace self-study and practical experience in the field. For more details about echinoderms, see the wildsingapore fact sheets http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/

Help! I'm struggling as a guide!
I've read all the guidebooks, memorised all the details, but I still can't guide with confidence.

Why don't my visitors get it?

I've told them everything I know but they still don't seem to appreciate the habitat.

I need local stories!

All the stuff I read doesn't help me tell stories that Singaporeans can understand.

Some guides can do better.
I've been guiding for some time and when I see some other guides at work, I wish I could help them do it better.

Participation is by donation and participants are free to pay whatever they are comfortable with.. What does this mean? There are costs to be covered to provide this event, mainly rental of the room and admin costs. We hope if everyone contributes what they can, it will add up to just enough to cover the costs. If the donations exceed the costs, we will keep the extra money. Hopefully this will allow us to pay for specialists to give lectures on specialised subjects.


All interested in participating in the workshop must register with us at this link in order for us to tailor the workshop to your needs. If you have difficulty submitting your registration on this website, please email us at

Please register by 2 December 2008.

Please read the workshop FAQ which aims to answer many of your burning questions.

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