About Us

The Leafmonkey Workshop is the latest initiative by the Leafmonkey and her many collaborators. This intellectual garage organizes and offers a series of workshops throughout the year for nature lovers and volunteers alike. Much emphasis is given in each of the workshops on methods, content and techniques in engaging the public and our community.

In this virtual workspace you will find a listing of past and upcoming workshops. Workshops are conducted by various invited speakers who are either academic experts or deeply experienced naturalists in the field. Participation is open to all interested groups and individuals. Customized workshops for organizations and groups can also be arranged. Please contact leafmonkey at gmail dot com for more information.

These workshops would not be able to exist without funds and while all workshops are free, participants' donation at the end of each workshop are greatly appreciated. Funding is required for the organization of these workshops, venue cost, bananas food and of course peanuts for the speakers the speakers' valuable time.


The Leafmonkey Workshop began as the workshop arm of the Naked Hermit Crabs (NHC), a group of non denominational shore guides and volunteers that established in 2007. During this time, 3 workshops were conducted in collaboration with NParks and the NIE Green Club amongst others.

In 2008, with the restructuring of NHC, the workshop arm became an independent entity that is now known as The Leafmonkey Workshop.