About the Workshops

The focus of this workshop is on connecting ordinary people with nature. If you have been struggling, trying to digest and convert biological (and other) facts to fun stories for your visitors, this workshop is for you!

This workshop aims to bring experienced and new guides together to brainstorm ideas. Let's learn from one another, and come up with new ways to share our passion.

Be prepared to work hard, have fun, make new friends and definitely learn new ways of looking at guiding and our wild places.

This workshop is likely to be more useful for those who have already started guiding / volunteering and who have some basic knowledge of the topics being covered. The workshop is not intended to replace self-study and practical experience in the field. For more details about various flora and fauna, see the wildsingapore fact sheets http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/

Help! I'm struggling as a guide!I've read all the guidebooks, memorised all the details, but I still can't guide with confidence.

Why don't my visitors get it?

I've told them everything I know but they still don't seem to appreciate the habitat.

I need local stories!

All the stuff I read doesn't help me tell stories that Singaporeans can understand.

Some guides can do better.I've been guiding for some time and when I see some other guides at work, I wish I could help them do it better.

I want to do more!
I've been volunteering and guiding for a while and I want to know what else I can do for our nature areas.

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