Talks for Marine Park Volunteers (Series 2)

The second (and final) series of the talks for Marine Park volunteers concluded with over 50 participants last week.

We started off the talk with a brief introduction to Singapore’s marine ecosystems and threats to them by Ria Tan,
wildsingapore. "Singapore got marine life meh?" OF COURSE!

Next we had a well-received hands-on interactive session, where samples were collected from Sentosa. 

Following that, we had the last speaker of the night on the “Flora of the Southern islands”. A brief introduction to coastal forests, mangroves and seagrasses of the South by Koh Kwan Siong, Biodiversity Manager, National Biodiversity Centre, National Parks Board

We also had a hands-on interactive session for Kwan Siong's segment, where these samples were collected both by Ria and Kwan Siong!

We finally ended the talk with an introduction to safety on the shores and successful seeking. Hopefully Ria did not scare off the volunteers with scary story of stonefishes! 

Special thanks to those who came for the talk and to all the speakers and facilitators we came to help! Thanks to Nparks for providing the venue. 

This concludes the second series of Marine Park talk. For those who missed the 2015 Marine Park talks, fret not! We hope to conduct another series of talks next year and hope to see you then!

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