Marine Park Classroom Workshop (3 Nov and 13 Nov)

Both Classroom Workshops concluded with over 50 new and old volunteers as part of the preparations to be a guide at the Marine Park

First, we started with November Tan of the Leafmonkey Workshop who briefed us through the House Rules and objectives.

Next, we had an enjoyable collaborative note-taking and sharing of ideas.  

Volunteers are extremely creative with their group names!
The highlight of the workshops are the role-playing sessions which had everyone laughing!

"The Mr-Know-It-All experienced diver"

"Uncle and Aunties from RC poking the Sea Star. Can eat or not?"

"Let's take a selfie with the creatures!!" 

"Who cares about the storm? I need to take a picture first!"

"I'm so curious! I want to touch that crab!"

"Why are you noticing a trash?"

Thanks to everyone for coming and to all the speakers and volunteers who came to help. Special thanks to Nparks for providing the venue and snacks.

If you have missed this year's Classroom Workshop, fret not! We hope to run it again next year! Hope to see you all then!

More information about the Sisters Islands Marine Park

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