Mangrove flora training workshop, Sep 2016

Want to learn about mangroves and how to identify common mangroves in Singapore? Love to learn new Latin words? Then use your newfound knowledge to help the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative to survey Pulau Ubin's mangroves?
Singapore's mangrove plants are beautiful and easy to ID
once you get the hang of it!
Then this FREE Mangrove flora training workshop is for you! Warning: this training programme will be rather technical and Latin Words will be used! Places are limited to 20 hardcore plant-loving persons. Registration now open via this form.

This workshop is a collaboration with the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative?.

What is the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative?

The Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative is for all those who care about restoring mangroves to the abandoned aquaculture areas at Pulau Ubin. The Initiative brings together the community of experts from tertiary institutions, NGOs, commercial enterprises that depend on Ubin mangroves, and individual enthusiasts, with the support of NParks and the corporate sector. More details here.
Some of the awesome volunteers of RUM.
Photo by Lee Yee Ting.
What are the aims of the training?
Give you a framework for self-learning about mangroves
Introduce you to the fundamentals of mangrove plant ID.
Build your confidence to survey mangroves effectively.
Provide you a chance to interact with like-minded people and experienced nature volunteers.

How will the training be conducted?

The training is a series of workshops with small group discussions and lots of interaction. It comprises one classroom workshop and one field session. You are expected to read up the bulk of the information on your own. Links to online resources will be provided to those who register.

Classroom Workshop
23 Sep (Fri)
7pm - 10.30pm
at NUS. Exact venue will be provided to those who register.

The bulk of this classroom session will involve small group practice in mangrove ID with plant specimens facilitated by experienced volunteers. There will be a short talk by Ria Tan to provide a framework for self-learning. The classroom session will involve collaborative note-taking so you are encouraged to bring your laptop for real-time online sharing of ideas.

Field Workshop
24 Sep (Sat)
3.30pm - 5.30pm
at Pasir Ris Park. Exact meeting point will be provided to those who register.

This will give you a chance to practice your mangrove ID on real plants facilitated by experienced volunteers. Priority will be given to those who have attended the Classroom Workshop.

Who can join?

To attend the Classroom Workshop and Field Workshop, you must

The Classroom Workshop and Field session are free-of-charge!

But please do not sign up and then not turn up. You will be depriving others of limited places. The volunteers organising and facilitating the workshop are providing their services for free.

More questions?

Please email Ria Tan at hello@wildsingapore.com

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