Field trip to Sisters' Island (14 Nov)

Last weekend, 52 new and "old" volunteer guides have gathered together where we went on a Field Trip to Sisters' Island! The fun field session marks the end of the training of a second batch of Marine Park volunteer guides.

Upon arriving Sisters' Island, volunteer guides went on embarking 4 different stations around the Island where they learnt more about the safety, history, flora and fauna.

"Oh look at these interesting shells"
"What lies beneath this rock?"

So many wildlife can be found on the Island! Here are some of the wildlife spotted. 

 "An insider's joke: Everything green is algae"

The view at Sisters' Island was breath-taking, especially during sun set. We saw many wildlife at night too!

This field trip concludes the end of the training for our new volunteers! Thanks to everyone for coming and to volunteers who came to help. Special thanks to Nparks for supporting the training. With new volunteer guides, we hope to spread greater appreciation and awareness of our marine life to the public. 

If you have missed this year's Marine Park training, fret not! We hope to run a third installment next year! Also, if you are keen to visit Sisters' Island, guided walks will be open for registration. Do keep a lookout and hope to see you all then!

More information about the Sisters Islands Marine Park

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